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About Us

Providing Superior Covered Parking Structures to all Commercial Communities ​

We have provided covered parking structures for over 30 years at numurous facilities including office buildings, multi-family housing complexes, and airport parking lots. In addition to new installations, we also provide repairs and rehabilations to existing structures at commercial properties. We look forward to meeting you and designing and installing your covered parking needs.

Our Installations

Airport Park 'N Rides

As demand for off-site airport parking increases and more and more lots are opened, travelers are seeking locations with covered parking to protect their vehicles during their trips.

Multi-Family Housing

​Over the past several years, there has been a surge in construction spending towards multi-family housing. As an added benefit to their residents, complexes are adding covered parking at a rapid pace.


​In the southern U.S., interior vehicle temperatures can be 30-50 degrees higher than the outside air. Offering covered parking spaces is a great perk that employers and property owners can offer today's professionals.