Below are descriptions of our primary installation locations. In addition to new installations, we also provide repairs and rehabilations to existing structures at commercial properties. Further down this page, you will find image galleries to the types of covered parking structures we can provide.

Airport Park 'N Ride

Daily rates for covered parking spaces are at least 30% higher than open-air spaces.


Travelers spend hours scouring websites for savings on airfares and hotel rooms. The last thing they want to encounter is the inconvenience of trying to find a parking spot for their vehicle. Owners of private lots near airports are offering more and more perks to travelers and covered parking is just important as great shuttle service.


The increase in revenue from the covered parking spaces can be invested in other perks travelers are looking for such as 24-hour shuttle service or increased security.

Multi-Family Housing


35% of tenants said they would be more inclined to re-sign their lease if it came with a covered parking spot.

Apartment managers are in an advantageous position today–more people are choosing to rent instead of buy, and multifamily construction has grown by roughly 300 percent since 2010, giving renters many more living options should they choose to move at the end of a lease.


So, what can property managers do to make their apartments more appealing to residents and gain an edge over the competition? Retaining residents is far less costly than finding new ones, and providing covered parking is definitely a perk residents are looking for according to a random sample of 500 U.S. renters.


What's the first impression that your tenants have of your building? Is it the impressive foyer, with its marble floors, granite counters, and visible security officers? Is it the always-clean glass entry doors with logo-embossed doormats?


As a building owner or manager, your focus is on tenant relations and the space occupied by those tenants. Providing covered parking spaces is a great way to entice new tenants away from other office structures or as an added benefit when leases are up for renewal.

Images of Single Post Installations

Single Post Style 5.jpg
Single Post Style 3.jpg
Singe Post Style 1
Single Post Style 2
Single Post Style 4.jpg

Images of Single Post Installations

Double Post Style 3.jpg
Double Post Style 2.jpg

Images of Gables-Style Installations

Gables Style 2.jpg
Gables Style 1